Senator Collins’ Statement On White House Letter On Intelligence Reform

Washington, DC – Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) has received a letter from the White House regarding the upcoming Senate-House conference on intelligence reform legislation. In the letter, National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice and Office of Management and Budget Director Joshua Bolten wrote that “the Administration urges the Conferees to reach agreement on an effective bill to strengthen the nation’s intelligence capabilities that both Houses can pass and the President can sign into law as soon as possible to meet the nation’s security needs.”

The letter is addressed to Senator Collins and Congressman Pete Hoekstra (D-MI). Senator Collins co-wrote with Senator Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) the National Intelligence Reform Act, which the Senate approved with a vote of 96 to 2. Congressman Hoekstra is the chair of the Senate-House conference to reconcile differences between the Senate and House intelligence reform bills.

The following is a statement that Senator Collins released following the receipt of the letter from the White House:

“I am pleased by the White House’s support of our efforts to pass an intelligence reform bill as quickly as possible. The letter sent by the White House to me and Congressman Hoekstra is further evidence that the President is eager to sign a bill that will implement a major reorganization of our intelligence system and make our nation safer. The recommendations put forth by Condolezza Rice and Josh Bolten will be considered carefully as conferees meet tomorrow and continue to negotiate this important legislation.”