School Safety Solutions Discussed at HSGAC Hearing with Parkland Parents

WASHINGTON  The Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee discussed school security, threat mitigation and prevention best practices, as well as past and present recommendations from the state and federal level on how we can keep our children safe and secure at school.

Panel participants, who included parents of children killed in the 2018 Parkland, Fla. school shooting, shared their stories and discussed possible solutions to try and mitigate future tragedies like we’ve seen in communities across the country.

“After the Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Parkland school attacks, commissions were formed to analyze events leading up to the attacks, determine what could have been done to prevent or mitigate those attacks, and recommend what should be done to prevent or mitigate future attacks,” noted Sen. Johnson in his opening statement. “The purpose of today’s hearing is to review the work of these commissions to determine which recommendations have broad support, which would be most effective, and which could be quickly and easily implemented. … Let’s work together to help improve school security and keep our children safe and secure.”

Video of the hearing is available here.