Johnson, Grassley Release Recently Declassified Strzok Messages about FBI’s Midyear and Crossfire Hurricane Investigations

WASHINGTON — U.S. Senators Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, today released recently declassified messages from former FBI agent Peter Strzok related to Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI’s investigation of Trump campaign and administration officials, and the FBI’s “Midyear Exam” investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.  Although some information remains redacted, highlights include:

  • 7/28/16: The same day the FBI received the friendly foreign government information that served as the basis for opening Crossfire Hurricane, Strzok tells FBI counsel Lisa Page that he wants to discuss “[o]ur open C[counter-]I[ntelligence] investigations relating to Trump’s Russian connections”
  • 9/23/16: Regarding now-debunked allegations promoted by Christopher Steele and DNC law firm Perkins Coie that a Trump organization server was secretly communicating with Russian agents through Alfa Bank, Strzok is told that “[t]his [Trump] email domain is no longer pointing to any active mail server.”
  • 9/27/16: Strzok is told, “S[pecial]A[ccess]P[rogram] in HRC[linton]’s account”
  • 10/26/16: Strzok is told, “27 confirmed classified TOTAL (26 to ClintonEmail, 1 to Yahoo): -6 of the 27 were SECRET then (4 of which remain SECRET now and 2 of which are CONFIDENTIAL) – 21 of the 27 were CONFIDENTIAL then (16 of which remain CONFIDENTIAL now and 5 of which are UNCLASS or FOUO)”
  • 12/20/16: Strzok is told that DOJ’s Office of Intelligence, ““made it clear [REDACTED] would not support even our discussions let alone a[] [FISA] app” relating to Papadopoulos.
  • 1/3/17: Strzok is told, “We can’t work the entire administration out of one unit (esp a unit that (1) is focused on the Russian side of things and (2) has no real prosecution or espionage experience))”
  • 1/3/17: Strzok told an unknown FBI official, “I told him before Xmas I wanted to keep [REDACTED] and laid out all the reasons its bad to have a Trump Unit (which is what it would become) rather than a Russian influence one.”
  • 1/9/17: Strzok tells Page, “Also Carl Bernstein (yes that Carl) called OPA, said he got a ‘dossier’ from McCain”
  • 1/12/17: Strzok is sent a copy of a message stating, “typhoon [Papadopolous] got a call from the VP at Fox News yesterday, who advised that the government was conducting ‘checks’ on him a few months back.  i haven’t listened to the exact audio, but i’m guessing that’s the FARA checks that we did with DOJ on our 4 main guys”
  •  1/30/17: Strzok is told, “FYSA: [REDACTED] opened a [REDACTED] on MISFUD”
  • 2/2/17: Strzok states, “W[hite]H[ouse] is ripsh*t about leak of contents of call between P[resident Trump] and foreign counterpart and are urgently asking process for media leak referral.  … To the extent we have people sharing information of this nature with us, we need to be very cautious about it.  Including reaching out to them now.”
  • 2/15/17: An unidentified FBI official tells Strzok, “From where I’m sitting, it looks like the entire future credibility of the FBI is sitting on your shoulder.?  Just my opinion, but I thought you should know.”
  • 3/27/17: Strzok tells Page, “Greg mentioned wanting to talk because SSCI looking for guidance in their investigation. … D[irector Comey] provided update about convo with Warner on Friday about C[rossfire]H[urricane] matters”
  • 3/28/17: An unidentified FBI official tells Strzok, “I just left a meeting with the current Fusion GPS client who wants to share their holdings”
  • 4/21/17: An unidentified FBI official tells Strzok, “I just worry about having this as a CI case when we are really doing a criminal investigation.  But we are working it out of CI due to the reporting…”

The 23-page production can be viewed here.

The October 30, 2020 letter to Attorney General Barr and Director Wray can be viewed here.

The Chairmen’s timeline on events related to the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation can be viewed here.