Chairman Collins Comments on Gilmore Commission Report

WASHINGTON, DC-Senate Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Susan Collins (R-ME) commented today on the final Gilmore Commission report, noting that several of the Commission’s recommendations for improving homeland security are contained in her legislation, the Homeland Security Grant Enhancement Act (S. 1245). The measure was unanimously approved by the Committee in June and now awaits action on the Senate floor.

“The Gilmore Commission has done tremendous work raising public awareness of our homeland security challenges and needs,” said Senator Collins, whose committee has jurisdiction over the Department of Homeland Security. “The Commission’s latest report recommends creating one-stop shopping for grants, streamlining the homeland security grant process, and developing training and exercise standards for first responders. My legislation, the Homeland Security Grant Enhancement Act, would accomplish those objectives.

“The Commission’s recommendations also support my recent request that President Bush take steps to prevent and respond to an agroterrorist attack. As I pointed out during a hearing I chaired and in a letter to the President, with more than 30 agencies possibly involved in a response to an agroterrorist attack, we must have a clear plan to prepare for and respond to an attack.”

Senator Collins chaired a hearing on agroterrorism on November 19. It was the first congressional hearing devoted to agroterrorism since 1999.