White House Creating Impression it Has Something to Hide

WASHINGTON – Governmental Affairs Committee Ranking Member Joe Lieberman, D-Conn., Tuesday issued the following statement regarding the redacted 27 pages from the joint inquiry report regarding intelligence failures surrounding September 11th and issued last week by the Senate and House Intelligence Committees.

“President Bush’s repeated refusal to make public any of the redacted 27 pages of the September 11th joint inquiry report is a mistake. The Saudi government, which many suspect is implicated in the redacted pages, requested that they be made public. The President has rebuffed the request, now claiming that disclosure would hinder ongoing investigations or reveal intelligence sources and methods. “Those are real and serious concerns, but members of the panel who have read the material do not agree with that characterization. The White House is creating the impression it has something else to hide. “The President should come clean on the report — the American people have a right to know the full story surrounding 9-11.”