Currently showing results in the 115th Congress.

November 2017
McCaskill Letters to State, DoD re SIGAR AIF projects
McCaskill Letter to USACE re Puerto Rico power contracts
Johnson, McCaskill letter to WMATA
Johnson, McCaskill letter to President Trump on USPS Board of Governors
Letter to McCaskill re DCAA backlog
McCaskill Letter to GSA re Kobach Voter Commission
HSGAC Minority Staff Report - Eminent Domain: Administration Lacks Plans or Cost Estimates for Land Seizures Necessary to Construct Border Wall
McCaskill-Johnson Letter to CBP re opioid epidemic
Johnson letter to State Dept on NYC terror attack
Johnson letter to DHS on NYC terror attack
Johnson letter to OPM on Multi-State Plans
McCaskill Letters to FEMA, USACE, Whitefish re PR Grid
McCaskill Letter to OMB re GAO recs
McCaskill-Johnson Letter to TSA re FEVS
October 2017
Johnson, McCaskill letter to IRS re: Equifax