Currently showing results in the 115th Congress.

May 2018
Afghanistan in Review: Oversight of U.S. Spending in Afghanistan
Johnson, McCaskill letter to Commerce Dept.
McCaskill Ltr to USPS re non MO mailing addresses
Johnson letter to HHS re: regulations
McCaskill Ltr to FCC re Lifeline
Johnson letter to CMS re: dues skimming
April 2018
McCaskill Ltr to VA re OIG findings re background investigations
Fast Cars, Easy Money - How the Pentagon Mismanaged the Afghanistan Legacy Program
Johnson letter to ORR re: MS-13
McCaskill Ltr to ICE re terrorist screening
McCaskill Ltr to VA re VISN15 OIG audit
McCaskill Ltr to ICE re AWOL ANDSF
McCaskill Ltr to USACE re NEPS III
Chairman Paul's Penny Plan Budget: A Budget for Fiscal Year 2019
Johnson, McCaskill letter to FDA on Imodium