117th Congress


Chair Blumenthal and Ranking Member Johnson Letter to KPMG

Drug Shortages HSGAC Majority Staff Report

AI in Government Act Implementation

Fentanyl Synthetic Drugs Report 63

Addressing the Supply Chain of Synthetic Drugs in the United States

Make PPE in America Letter

Birth Tourism in the United States

Federal Care of Unaccompanied Alien Children Report

Letter to DOI re BOEM

Majority and Minority Staff Report - Sexual Abuse of Female Inmates in Federal Prisons


Committee Record-2022-11-16


Majority and Minority Staff Report - Medical Mistreatment of Women in ICE Detention

STOP Act Implementation Letter

S. 3531, National Climate Adaptation and Resilience Strategy Act of 2022

S. 4828 Peters Substitute Amendment as modified

S. 4930, Federal Contracting for Peace and Security Act

S. 4828 Government-wide Executive Councils Administration and Performance Improvement Act

Majority and Minority Staff Report - Uncounted Deaths in America's Prisons and Jails: How the Department of Just...

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