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July 2015
Majority Report - Impact on the U.S. Tax Code on the Market for Corporate Control and Jobs
Millionaires Living in Public Housing
Senator McCaskill Requests Information from Government Contractors about Compliance with Whistleblower Protection Laws
Sen. Rand Paul Finds Federal Taxpayers Downwind of Small Town Sewer Debacle in Latest ‘The Waste Report’
Sen. Rand Paul Exposes NSF’s Illogical Research Project in Latest ‘The Waste Report’
Chairman Johnson Letter to in Response to "White Paper"
Sen. Rand Paul Raises the Curtain on Federal Government Giveaway to Hollywood Elite in Latest ‘The Waste Report’
June 2015
Waste Report: Taxpayers, Ensured for Loss!
Tragedy at Tomah: Initial Findings
Chairman Johnson Letter to US Attorney Vaudreuil
Sen. Rand Paul Calls Out NSF for Wasting Money on Duplicative Study Measurement in Latest ‘The Waste Report’
Chairman Johnson Letter to VA OIG Griffin on Tomah Briefings
Waste Report: Waste, Vintage 2015
Chairman Johnson Letter to CIGIE on VA OIG Subpoena
Sen. Rand Paul Releases Newest Edition of ‘The Waste Report’ Uncovers a U.S. Government Funded Afghan Cricket League