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Border Security: How are State and Local Officials Coping With The New Levels of Threat? (Field Hearing)

Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations

Location: Anoka, MN


The Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations held a one day field hearing in Anoka,  Minnesota, entitled Border Security: How are State and Local Officials Coping With The New Levels of Threat?  The Subcommittee field hearing in Minnesota examined the unique problems that local and regional officials have experienced in dealing with higher levels of threat.  It also examined the difficulty of maximizing border security while minimizing the impact on commerce and tourism and will look at the coordination of Federal, State, and local efforts to supervise land, water, and air navigation.  This hearing was done to guide the members as they craft legislation to direct the federal response to homeland security.  A number of local Minnesota officials, both elected and appointed, testified on how their duties have changed over the last two years, commenting on the relationship between their offices and the federal agencies, both as it exists now and as they think it should exist in the future.

See PRINTED HEARING RECORD at the top left corner of this webpage.


Panel 1

  • Anne Lombardi
    Interim Director, Field Operations, Chicago
    Bureau of Customs and Border Security

Panel 2

  • Rich Stanek
    Minnesota Department of Public Safety
  • Ardell F. Brede
    City of Rochester, Minnesota
  • Patrick D. McGowan
    Hennepin County Sheriff's Office
  • Paul Nevanen
    Koochiching Economic Development Authority (KEDA)

Panel 3

  • Captain  Ray Skelton
    Environmental and Governmental Affairs Director
    Duluth Seaway Port Authority
  • Michael Curry
    Director of Security
    Canadian Pacific Railway
  • Steve Leqve
    Airport Manager
    Rochester International Airport
  • John Hauslauden
    Minnesota Trucking Association