Washington, D.C. – Senator Ron Johnson (WI) has called for Congress to hold oversight hearings to determine how to repair the damage caused by recent intelligence leaks. Johnson made the request during a July 11, 2012 hearing into intelligence leaks by the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

Note: Watch the video of the hearing here.

Johnson later explained his request:

“The full extent of the damage caused by recent intelligence leaks may never be known, but what is certain is that the intelligence gathering capability of America has been significantly compromised.  Repairing the damage by restoring the credibility of our intelligence gathering services must be our top priority.   While crimes may have been committed, the wheels of justice turn far too slowly to address this pressing need. I simply do not have confidence that this Department of Justice will conduct a swift or impartial inquiry to provide the deterrence needed to restore our credibility.  As a result, it is time for Congress to fulfill its oversight responsibility.”

“Those responsible for jeopardizing ongoing intelligence programs and putting American lives at risk must be held accountable. Either through public or classified hearings, we need to determine who is responsible for these damaging leaks so that they can be dismissed and disgraced.   Swift action can deter future leaks and restore the credibility of our intelligence services that is necessary to keeping America safe.” 

In response to a question from Senator Johnson during the hearing, General Hayden, former Director of the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency said:

“…Congress, with its oversight authority, could use that function to perhaps create the kind of deterrence that you’re describing, because we have not been successful going down a purely judicial track for lots of reasons…”