March 17, 2016

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Sen. Rand Paul Announces Second Round Results of Special Interactive ‘The Waste Report’ Bracket

 U.S. Senator Rand Paul today announced second round results for the Tournament of Government Waste, which is a special interactive bracket of ‘The Waste Report.’ The second round of the tournament was comprised of 8 head-to-head lineups of egregious examples of waste within the U.S. government, previously released from Sen. Paul’s ‘The Waste Report.’

The winners of the second day that will advance to the next round include: Sending Kids to Pakistan on a trip to Space Camp, Helped deport illegal immigrants start businesses in their home country, Allow millionaires to live in taxpayer-subsidized public housing, and Built a gas station in Afghanistan that nobody uses.

The interactive tournament bracket, consisting of four rounds over the span of five days, is featured on Sen. Paul’s official website and Facebook page, and commenced on Tuesday, March 15th and will conclude Friday, March 18th. Results for the tournament will be counted at midnight at the end of each day and announced the following day. The overall champion of the tournament will be announced on Monday, March 21st.

The next round of the Tournament of Government Waste bracket can be viewed below. To access and participate in ‘The Waste Report’ tournament on Sen. Paul’s website and Facebook page, click HERE and HERE.

Senator Paul bracket Challenge Round 3