March 21, 2016

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Sen. Rand Paul Announces Champion of ‘The Waste Report’ Bracket

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Rand Paul today announced “helped deported illegal immigrants start businesses in their home country” as the overall champion of the interactive bracket of ‘The Waste Report,’ known as the Tournament of Government Waste. The tournament bracket was comprised of 16 head-to-head lineups of egregious examples of waste within the U.S. government, previously released from Sen. Paul’s ‘The Waste Report.’

On Friday, the last two groups standing that went head-to-head in the finals were: Helped deported illegal immigrants start businesses in their home country and Allow millionaires to live in taxpayer-subsidized public housing. The interactive tournament bracket, consisting of four rounds over the span of five days, commenced on Tuesday, March 15th and concluded Friday, March 18th. Results for the tournament were counted at midnight at the end of each day and announced the following day.

To read Sen. Paul’s wrap-up of the Tournament of Government Waste, view HERE or below. The overall results for the bracket can also be viewed below.


Illegal Immigrants’ Business Plans!!!! After four intense rounds of voting, Illegal Immigrants’ Business Plans emerged as the Champion of Government Waste. After surviving a close second round matchup against the Afghan Cricket League, Illegal Immigrant’s Business Plans easily knocked off #1 seed, Paying to Send Pakistani Kids to Space Camp, to advance to the finals. In a back and forth, barn-burner of a final round, Illegal Immigrants’ Business Plans prevailed 52% to 48% over Millionaires in Public Housing.

This was the first year of The Waste Report’s Tournament of Government Waste where we pitted 16 of the worst examples of government waste against each other, and let you decide which was the most egregious.

The champion, Illegal Immigrant Business Plans was the subject of the January 4th, 2016 Waste Report. You will recall that the Inter-America Foundation spent $50,000 in El Salvador to help aid returning deportees start businesses there.  The Inter-American Foundation sought to clarify that the program was not “intended” to aid criminal deportees (those convicted of crimes in the U.S.) but did not rule out the possibility.  It is no wonder such a program was chosen by the voters as the best – or maybe worst – example of government waste in this year’s tournament.

These and many more examples of federal boondoggles can be found at Senator Paul and the Federal Spending Oversight Subcommittee’s websites, where we’ve chronicled 46 federal boondoggles totaling more than $1.12 billion. To put that number in prospective, it took the total one-year tax liability of 155,700 average Americans to fund this waste. 

 Senator Paul Waste Bracket - Champion