WASHINGTON – Seven major information technology companies and industry groups Thursday announced their support for the Cybersecurity Act of 2012, S. 3414. The Administration also issued a statement supporting the bill.

Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, CA Technologies, a global IT management and software company, EMC/RSA, an IT services company, the Information Technology Industry Council, a trade group, and the National Defense Industrial Association, also a trade group, told Senate leaders and bill co-sponsors they endorsed the approach taken by S.3414 to a address a problem that threatens our national and economic security.

“Microsoft believes S. 3414 provides an appropriate framework to improve the security of government and critical infrastructure systems to address current threats,” company Vice President for Government Affairs Fred Humphries said in a statement. “The framework is flexible enough to permit future improvements to security − an important point since cyber threats evolve over time. The current bill as it stands seeks to advance these priorities and we continue to work to help ensure that any legislation is optimized to meet cybersecurity challenges while protecting civil liberties and privacy.”

The Microsoft letter may be read here.

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