Senate Governmental Affairs Committee Approves Department of Homeland Security Nomination

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Senate Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Susan Collins (R-ME) commented today on her committee’s vote to approve C. Suzanne Mencer’s nomination for director of the Office of Domestic Preparedness in the Department of Homeland Security. Collins’ committee reported out the nomination today.

The Office of Domestic Preparedness distributes billions of dollars of financial assistance to help states, localities, and first responders with their homeland security needs.

“Ms. Mencer’s extensive experience with the FBI and Colorado’s Department of Public Safety, along with her work as a consultant on antiterrorism issues, make her highly qualified for this position,” said Senator Collins.

“As director, Ms. Mencer will have many challenges ahead of her, such as coordinating agencies within and outside the Department, standardizing equipment and training standards, and coordinating emergency preparedness plans. The Governmental Affairs Committee stands ready to work with Ms. Mencer to successfully meet those challenges. I am also looking forward to working with Ms. Mencer on efforts to simplify the grant process for our first responders and to ensure that they have the necessary resources to protect their communities,” Senator Collins said.

Senator Collins is the sponsor of the Homeland Security Grant Enhancement Act (S. 1245), which would provide state and local governments and communities with the resources they need to protect their communities by providing a long-term, steady stream of funding to each state; making it easier to apply for grants; promoting flexibility in the use of homeland security funding; and protecting programs that work, such as the FIRE Act. The Senate Governmental Affairs Committee approved S. 1245 in June.