Senate Approves $10 Billion Relief Aid for Gulf Coast Hurricane Victims

WASHINGTON, DC—During an emergency session of Congress tonight, the U.S.

Senate approved by unanimous consent a supplemental spending bill to provide

over $10 billion to assist in relief efforts in the aftermath of hurricane

Katrina. Senator Susan Collins, who chairs the Homeland Security and

Governmental Affairs Committee, has released this statement:

“The images coming out of the Gulf Coast are overwhelming as relief

workers learn more about the extent of the destruction caused by hurricane

Katrina. I know that I share with all Americans deep and heartfelt sympathies

for hurricane victims, their families, and those who were left homeless by

this terrible disaster.

“I applaud the prompt reaction by the President and Senate Leadership in

calling for this emergency session of Congress so that these critical dollars

will be immediately available to help hurricane victims. I hope these dollars

help gulf coast resident put their lives back together following the

devastation caused by the hurricane.”