Chairman Collins Commends Efforts to Increase Federal Worker Pay

WASHINGTON, D.C.-Senate Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Susan Collins (R-ME) today commended the Senate Appropriations Committee for approving legislation that includes a 4.1 percent pay increase for federal employees effective January 2004. Collins, whose committee has jurisdiction over federal employee pay, had urged Senate appropriators to include the increase in the Transportation, Treasury, and General Government appropriations bill.

“It is my strong view that civilian employees should be rewarded for their work on the front lines during these difficult times and be granted a pay raise on par with military personnel,” said Collins. “I have long supported pay parity between the military and the civil service, and I’m pleased that the appropriations committee has agreed to require it.”

The legislation would provide pay parity between the uniformed services and the federal civil service and set the increase at 4.1 percent. In addition, pay parity would be extended to federal civilian employees serving under the Federal Wage System. In the President’s budget proposal, the increase would have been limited to 2.0 percent.

The Senate is expected to vote on the legislation before it adjourns for the year.