Johnson Recognizes Hurricane Katrina Anniversary

OSHKOSH — Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) made these remarks Thursday regarding the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina:

“Saturday marks 10 years since Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, and the storm still remains one of the deadliest and costliest disasters ever to hit the United States. Our nation will never forget the tragic images of the storm’s wide path of destruction that remained weeks, months and years afterward.

“Today, residents of the Gulf Coast still feel the effects of this disaster. They are surrounded by residual damage and have yet to complete a painful rebuilding process. The federal government has spent tens of billions of dollars helping these Gulf Coast communities rebuild. However, in the process, money has been wasted, and delays have resulted in projects still remaining uncompleted.  This unfortunate reality has slowed the recovery process for those who were most severely affected by Katrina and still need help the most. The government needs to ensure that remaining funds are spent efficiently and effectively until the Gulf Coast fully recovers.”