Johnson Comments on GAO Report on Poor-Performing Federal Employees

 WASHINGTON – Today, the Government Accountability Office reported on poor-performing federal employees. The GAO found that it can take six months to a year to dismiss a poor-performing supervisor – who can then appeal. Although it is easier and takes far less time to dismiss poor-performing supervisors during their one-year probation periods, GAO concluded that agencies are not doing enough to evaluate and weed out poor performers during that period.

“The probationary period is one of the best tools the federal government has to weed out poor-performing employees,” said Senator Ron Johnson. “Agencies must do more to evaluate the employee during that time period and decide whether she or he can do the job.

“It is unacceptable that some agencies let the first year slip by without conducting performance reviews, never aware that the probationary period had expired. The federal government cannot use tax dollars effectively if it does not hire, train and keep effective supervisors.”

Full report available here.