‘Do We Have Two Systems of Justice?’ Johnson Presses FBI for More Information on Handling of Alleged Hunter Biden Laptop

WASHINGTON – During an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson discussed new developments concerning the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee investigation into conflicts of interest surrounding the Biden family. A whistleblower recently reached out to the committee regarding information that has been the subject of reporting by the New York Post detailing further information about the Biden family.

Excerpts of the interview are below. Video of the interview can be found here.

“The first thing after we got contacted by the whistleblower the day after we issued our report on Ukraine was we contacted the FBI to determine, ‘Is this story true? Can you verify any of this?’ And it took them a couple days to basically give us no information. So I just sent another letter yesterday because the FBI has a duty to inform us. If they believe this was maybe Russian disinformation, they should give us a defensive briefing. They should tell us about that. If, for example, they also believe that what information this whistleblower gave us is fraudulent, that would also be a crime and the FBI should tell us that. So, we’re trying to suss out of the FBI what do they know and when did they know it. But the larger question really is: If they had this information, and these are genuine e-mails, and it would probably reveal all kinds of things that would have been very relevant to the impeachment case, why did they sit on it?”

“Do we have two systems of justice: one for Democrats, one for Republicans; one for the well-connected versus one for the rest of the Americans? I think that’s really the larger issue here at play.”

“I said that our report raised far more questions than it answered. This requires detailed investigations on the part of the Justice Department, on the part of the FBI, on the part of the media, and that’s not occurring. So, why is this being covered up? Why is this not being talked about? This is a major news story.”