Chairman Johnson Comments on Confirmation of Vice Admiral Neffenger

Washington — The Senate on Monday confirmed Vice Admiral Peter V. Neffenger to serve as administrator of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). As the head of the TSA, Vice Admiral Neffenger will be responsible for transforming a troubled agency currently facing serious allegations regarding its ability to execute its security mission. Senator Johnson made these remarks: 

“Since becoming chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, one of my key priorities has been to help Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson succeed in his mission to keep our nation safe. The TSA is a critical component of the Department of Homeland Security and one that is vital to our nation’s security. I am pleased to support the confirmation of qualified candidates such as Vice Admiral Neffenger as the administrator of the TSA. 

“Vice Admiral Neffenger, with decades of service to our nation, is a proven leader who has demonstrated an understanding of the severity of the issues at the TSA. I encourage Vice Admiral Neffenger to think outside the box as he works as effectively and efficiently as possible to improve the protection of our nation’s transportation system and to expedite legal commerce and travel.”