2020 Census Security and Accuracy Discussed at HSGAC Hearing Tuesday

WASHINGTON The Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee examined the Census Bureau’s preparations for the 2020 census at a hearing Tuesday. This will be the first decennial census with online response, therefore it is vital that the bureau mitigate the risks associated with individuals’ privacy and cybersecurity measures. Excerpts from the chairman’s opening statement and his remarks regarding the Census Bureau’s authorities under Title 13 of the United States Code are below.

Opening statement:

“I would like to thank both the Census Bureau and the Government Accountability Office for their regular and ongoing oversight briefings to the committee on the bureau’s preparations. It is important for the bureau, the Government Accountability Office, and this committee continue to work together to help ensure that the 2020 census is not only cost effective, but also as secure and accurate as possible.”

On Protections for Information Provided by the Public to the Census:

“The law is clear, the law is strong, and the culture within the Census Bureau reinforces exactly that law in terms of this is a one-way street – information comes in, but no personal information is released. It’s not used by law enforcement for any purposes whatsoever. It’s simply used for the purposes stated in law in Title 13.”