Peters Launches Investigation into Postal Service Delays After Postmaster General Fails to Provide Answers

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator Gary Peters, Ranking Member of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, is launching an investigation into reported delays at the U.S. Postal Service that are preventing Americans from receiving critical mail on-time, including prescription drugs, business mail, and mail-in ballots. Despite repeated inquiries from Peters, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has failed to provide answers when pressed for details on reported service delays following recent changes directed by Postal Service leadership that could undermine delivery service during a pandemic and ahead of the general election. Peters is seeking additional information from Americans who have seen unexpected changes to their mail delivery to help shed light on the impacts these reported changes are having on the dependable, timely service people count on from the Postal Service.

“For 245 years, the Postal Service has worked to provide reliable, consistent and on-time delivery that keeps Americans connected no matter where they live – especially in rural areas,” said Senator Peters. “Unfortunately, in recent weeks, I’ve heard firsthand from constituents, postal workers and local officials in Michigan who have encountered problems with the timely and dependable service they count on to conduct business, get prescription medications and critical supplies, and even exercise their right to vote. As Ranking Member of the committee charged with oversight of the Postal Service, I will be working to get to the bottom of any changes that the new Postmaster General may be directing that undercut the Postal Service’s tradition of effective service.”

As part of his investigation, Peters is asking for individuals, small businesses and organizations who are directly affected by Postal Service delays or operational changes to share their stories. Members of the public can report problems by visiting Peters also wrote to his Senate colleagues this week asking them to share reports they receive from constituents on challenges with on-time mail delivery. The next steps of Peters’ investigation will include requesting information from those who may have experienced changes firsthand, including senior advocacy groups, state and local officials, local postmasters, postal workers and officials, small businesses and chambers of commerce.

Peters’ goal is to ensure that any changes happening at the Postal Service are transparent and do not negatively impact deliveries. Unacceptable changes to service, made without oversight or public input, could harm seniors, veterans, small businesses and people in rural areas who often have less access to other services and rely on the Postal Service for access to medications, emergency information, and home supplies. As increasing numbers of Americans plan to vote by mail in upcoming elections, the Postal Service must also ensure that any operational changes do not limit voter participation.