McCaskill, Blunt Support Tornado Shelter Funding for Southwest Missouri Schools

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senators Claire McCaskill and Roy Blunt are throwing their support behind a request to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for funding to assist school districts in Miller, Neosho, and Sparta with building tornado “safe rooms,” which would help protect nearly 2,300 schoolchildren and residents in surrounding communities.

“I’m glad to join with Senator Blunt to get these schools the funding they need to keep kids and families safe,” McCaskill said. “Given the devastating damage we’ve seen previously from tornadoes in Southwest Missouri, it’s important that FEMA approve these projects so schools can take action before the next disaster strikes.”

“Building safe rooms will help protect Missourians in communities that are often hit by severe storms and tornadoes,” said Blunt. “I urge FEMA to fully consider these common-sense projects that will save lives and reduce future costs by mitigating property damage.”

McCaskill and Blunt wrote FEMA in support of funding requests from school districts in Miller, Neosho, and Sparta to construct tornado and severe wind shelters that would be open to students and the community.  All three areas have previously been hard-hit by tornadoes. “The underlying projects have the potential to significantly reduce risks to individuals and property…during future disasters,” McCaskill and Blunt wrote. “We ask for your full and fair consideration of these Missouri funding requests.”

Read McCaskill and Blunt’s letter to FEMA HERE.