Lieberman Reacts to Proposed Chemical Security Regulations

Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Ranking Member Joe Lieberman, DI-Conn., issued the following statement in reaction to proposed Department of Homeland Security regulations guiding security for the nation’s riskiest chemical facilities.

“Chemical security is one of our most glaring homeland security vulnerabilities, so I am pleased to see that the Department of Homeland Security is moving ahead promptly with the authority Congress gave it to begin regulating risky chemical facilities.

“I am also glad to see that the proposed regulations reflect some of the key ideas of S. 2145, the bipartisan chemical security legislation approved by the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee last summer.

“However, I am deeply troubled by the proposed approach on some key matters, particularly the aggressive and inappropriate effort to preempt state and local regulations that might impose stricter security requirements on dangerous facilities.

“I am also disappointed the proposal does not appear to recognize that, in some cases, using safer chemicals or technologies will be the most effective security measure a facility can implement.

“I will be working with DHS to try to improve significantly these proposed regulations before they are issued. Moreover, Congress still needs to pass real authorizing legislation for a more complete and permanent chemical security program and I will be working with my colleagues to achieve such legislation.”