WASHINGTON – Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Joe Lieberman, ID-Conn., Monday issued the following statement about the attempted terrorist attack in Times Square over the weekend:


            “Senator Collins and I received a very helpful briefing from Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano today.

            “We appreciate the good work of the New York City Police Department, which responded quickly and efficiently to the Times Square incident over the weekend. NYPD is now working with the FBI to determine who is responsible.

            “It is critical not just that we apprehend those who are responsible but also that we take away lessons about the nature of the terrorist threat and how we should counter it.

            “The Mayor and the people of New York also deserve credit for responding to this attempted attack in a calm and reasoned way. The lights of Broadway did not dim, and the streets of Times Square returned to normal just hours after the bomb was discovered.

            “More than anything, terrorists want to instill terror. They want to create a wide and broad sense of fear among ordinary people. The resilience shown by New Yorkers robs terrorists of that power.

            “The T-shirt vendor and others who saw something troubling and said something about it are hometown heroes, and their role in diffusing this situation cannot be overstated. The quick reactions of ordinary people will always be one of the best deterrents to terrorist attacks.

            “We know that improvised explosive devices are a weapon of choice for terrorists. In 2007, our Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee reported out a bill to strengthen the Office of Bombing Prevention within the Department of Homeland Security, which helps prepare for threats from IEDs. This office is intended to help state and local government officials, emergency response providers, and the private sector better prepare to deter, detect, and respond to terrorist explosive attacks. Unfortunately, our bill never became law. Maybe now, after Times Square the Congress will act. I intend to bring this bill up again as soon as possible.”