WASHINGTON – The Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Thursday reported out the nomination of Paul Schneider to be Deputy Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The nominee was approved by voice vote.

“I have been impressed by Mr. Schneider’s ability to command a diverse range of responsibilities and I believe he has brought a level of stability and expertise to the Department that it sorely needs,” said Lieberman. “I feel certain that he will keep pressing forward to improve upon DHS capabilities while also ensuring that the Department is prepared for the upcoming transition to a new administration.”

“Mr. Schneider brings with him strong credentials and more than four decades of public service going back to his days as a project engineer at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Maine,” said Collins. “He has had a distinguished career in the Department of Defense, National Security Agency, and Department of Homeland Security. I look forward to continuing to work with Mr. Schneider as the Department confronts the evolving threats to our homeland.”

Mr. Schneider was confirmed in December 2006 to be DHS Under Secretary for Management. He was elevated to Acting Deputy Secretary in October 2007 after the departure of then-Deputy Secretary Michael Jackson. A nuclear engineer by training, Schneider has nearly 40 years of federal experience. His posts include deputy director of NAVSEA’s Auxiliary Systems SubGroup; executive director of the Naval Sea Systems Command; Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition; and Senior Acquisition Executive for the National Security Agency.