Dodd, Lieberman Announce Port, Transit Security Grants for Connecticut

Senators Chris Dodd (D-CT) and Joe Lieberman (D-CT) announced today that Connecticut will receive port, rail, and transit security grant funding from the Infrastructure Protection Program within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Bridgeport will receive $24,968 and New London $637,500 in port security grants. New Haven will share $53,800,000 in transportation security grant funding with three other Tri-State area cities. The State of Connecticut will also receive $189,000 in buffer zone protection funds.

“Law enforcement officials in Connecticut are working around the clock to keep their citizens safe,” said Dodd. “In addition to our gratitude and respect, they deserve the resources required to secure our state and the surrounding areas. These critically important efforts should not be shortchanged, and I intend to continue to fight to ensure that even more resources are provided.”

“Given our proximity to New York City and our long stretch of coastline, Connecticut commuters and our maritime activities are vulnerable targets for terrorists. While these grants come late – just a week before the end of the Department of Homeland Security’s 2006 fiscal year – they are a welcome addition to state and local efforts to improve the security of the people of Connecticut,” Lieberman said.

The funding for Bridgeport and New London is intended to help secure the nation’s critical infrastructure.

New Haven is included as part of the greater metropolitan New York area for transit security grants, which are provided to improve security on intracity rail, bus and ferry services. The New York metropolitan area includes New York City, Jersey City, Newark, and New Haven.

The buffer zone protection program funds will go toward preventing terrorist surveillance and attacks by improving security around sites that have been identified as “high priority critical infrastructure targets.” DHS has kept the specific locations within Connecticut classified.

DHS also announced that it was providing $7.2 million to Amtrak to improve intercity rail security.