Chairman Carper Reacts to Mandiant Intel Report on Cyber Threat

WASHINGTON – Today, Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Tom Carper (D-Del.) released the following statement reacting to a report published today by Mandiant, a Virginia-based cyber security firm, which identifies specific threats for cyber espionage and attacks facing the United States, including by the Chinese government:

“Today’s report from Mandiant tying China to many cyber attacks in the United States is yet another important reminder – and we’ve had many in the last several weeks – about the scary reality of how vulnerable we really are to cyber attacks in the United States.  The huge amounts of intellectual property theft are obviously disturbing.  These are our ideas, the ingenuity that supports the technologies and breakthroughs that fuel our economy and make us a great country.  Also particularly alarming is the focus from hackers on critical infrastructure companies – the companies we rely on every day to provide us with essentials like water, electricity, transportation and so much more.  When an intruder enters these networks, it may only take a few clicks of a mouse to disrupt or destroy those vital services.  This report is just one more verification that such attacks are happening.  Our nation cannot afford more delay on this issue.  That’s why it was so important that the President issued his cybersecurity Executive Order and why we must quickly pass the still critically needed comprehensive cybersecurity legislation.”