24-Hour Extension Granted To White House

WASHINGTON – Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Joe Lieberman, D-Conn., issued the following statement Monday regarding the June 3 deadline for production of White House documents under a May 22 subpoena:

                 ?I have agreed to extend by 24 hours the deadline by which the White House must submit documents pertaining to the Governmental Affairs Committee?s Enron investigation.  I have done so at the request of Ranking Member Fred Thompson.

                ?In the meantime, the Committee is trying to work with the White House to provide all appropriate assurances that the documents it subpoenaed will be maintained in a secure manner, while still allowing the Committee to conduct its important oversight work.  In addition, my staff is arranging to review the partial set of documents the White House is making available at the Old Executive Office Building.

                ?I hope the White House will be in compliance by Tuesday noon with the Committee?s May 22 subpoena.?