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Last Action Bill Title
May 2020
S.3835 A bill to prohibit the use of funds for the production of films by United States companies that alter content for screening in the People's Republic of China, and for other purposes.
S.3806 A bill to waive cost share requirements for certain Federal assistance provided under the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act.
S.3766 A bill to prohibit the President from blocking Inspectors General from reporting to Congress and to require a report to Congress if the Department of the Treasury or the White House does not provide timely access to records, documents, and other materials relating to the implementation and execution of the CARES Act, and for other purposes.
S.3733 A bill to establish the Executive Agent for Declassification to promote programs, processes, and systems and for directing resources relating to declassification in the Federal Government, and for other purposes.
S.Res.576 A resolution recognizing the essential role of public safety telecommunicators in emergency response and the important work performed by public safety telecommunicators to protect the public and police, fire, and emergency medical officials during emergencies, such as the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.
S.3708 A bill to establish a Federal Agency Sunset Commission, and for other purposes.
S.3689 A bill to provide for additional safeguards with respect to imposing Federal mandates, and for other purposes.
S.3658 A bill to establish an Office of Equal Rights and Community Inclusion at the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and for other purposes.
S.3641 A bill to designate the area between the intersections of International Drive, Northwest and Van Ness Street, Northwest and International Drive, Northwest and International Place, Northwest in Washington, District of Columbia, as "Li Wenliang Plaza", and for other purposes.
S.3664 A bill to enhance the independence of Inspectors General, and for other purposes.
S.3629 A bill to establish the Office to Enforce and Protect Against Child Sexual Exploitation.
S.3622 A bill to waive the cost share requirement for Indian Tribes receiving disaster assistance relating to COVID-19, and for other purposes.
S.3627 A bill to provide for the expedited and transparent procurement and distribution of equipment and supplies needed to combat COVID-19.
S.3614 A bill to authorize the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency to approve State and local plans to partner with small and mid-size restaurants and nonprofit organizations to provide nutritious meals to individuals in need, to waive certain matching fund requirements, and for other purposes.
March 2020
S.3583 A bill to provide that certain Executive Orders and presidential memorandum with respect to Federal employee collective bargaining shall have no force or effect, and for other purposes.
S.3574 No latest title...
S.3578 No latest title...
S.3561 A bill to require Federal agencies to permit employees to telework full-time during the public health emergency relating to COVID-19, and for other purposes.
S.3534 A bill to amend the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act to provide assistance to individuals affected by a pandemic, and for other purposes.
S.3530 A bill to amend the National Security Act of 1947 to require the President to designate an employee of the National Security Council to be responsible for pandemic prevention and response, and for other purposes.
S.3504 A bill to require the Secretary of Homeland Security to extend, until not earlier than September 30, 2021, the requirement that State-issued identification must be compliant with the REAL ID Act of 2005 to be accepted by Federal agencies for certain purposes.
S.3510 A bill to transfer all border wall funding to the Department of Health and Human Services and USAID to combat coronavirus.
S.3506 A bill to extend the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards Program of the Department of Homeland Security, and for other purposes.
H.R.3317 To permit the Scipio A. Jones Post Office in Little Rock, Arkansas, to accept and display a portrait of Scipio A. Jones, and for other purposes.
S.3467 A bill to direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to share with State, local, and regional fusion centers release information from a Federal correctional facility, including name, charging date, and expected place and date of release, of certain individuals who may pose a terrorist threat, and for other purposes.
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