New Border War: Corruption of U.S. Officials by Drug Cartels

Date: March 11, 2010
Time: 11:00am
Location: Dirksen Senate Office Building SD-342

The purpose of this hearing was to review the efforts by drug trade organizations (DTOs) to infiltrate and corrupt federal, state, and local law enforcement in order to improve their ability to counter U.S. border control measures. The hearing established the scope and nature of resulting corruption in federal, state and local governments, where the problem is most prevalent, and the strategy and methods being employed by DTOs. The hearing also provided an opportunity for witnesses to outline efforts to combat this problem, including new or proposed programs and policies relating to the prevention of DTO-related corruption in our nation’s law enforcement and political entities.

Member Statements


Mark L.


(D -


Panel 1

Kevin L.


Assistant Director, Criminal Investigative Division

Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Department of Justice

Panel 1



Assistant Inspector General for Investigations

Office of Inspector General, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Panel 1

James F.


Assistant Commissioner, Office of Internal Affairs

Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Department of Homeland Security