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Juvenile Diabetes: Examining the Personal Toll on Families, Financial Costs to the Federal Health Care System, and Research Progress Toward a Cure

Full Committee Hearing

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Panel 1

Panel 2

  • Stephanie Rothweiler
    Delegate (Age 11)
    JDRF Childrens Congress, Falmouth, Maine
    Download Testimony (12k)
  • Ellie Clark
    Delegate (Age 4)
    JDRF Childrens Congress, Grandville, Michigan
    Download Testimony (12k)
  • Ethan Falla
    Delegate (Age 13)
    JDRF Childrens Congress, New Britain, Connecticut
    Download Testimony (11k)
  • Aaron and Shaynah Jones
    Delegates (Ages 9 and 13)
    JDRF Childrens Congress, Piscataway, New Jersey
  • Lauren Stanford
    Delegate (Age 13)
    JDRF Childrens Congress, Plymouth, Massachusetts
    Download Testimony (12k)