Full Committee Hearing

Crashing into the Millennium Federal Agency Year 2000 Conversion Efforts

Date: April 1, 1998
Time: 10:00am
Location: Senate Dirksen Building, SD-342

The April 1 hearing on the Year 2000 computer problem, “Crashing into the Millennium,” addressed the Administration management of the problem of ensuring that critical governmental systems are Year 2000 compliant. At the turn of the century, many computer systems will interpret the “00” in the year as 1900, instead of 2000, potentially causing erroneous calculations or total system failures. The progress of Federal agencies to fix this problem has insufficient, and it is a reality that some systems will not be fixed, tested, and installed by the immoveable January 1, 2000 deadline. The Assistant to the President for Year 2000 Conversion, along with the Deputy Secretaries from HHS and DoT discussed their efforts to increase public awareness; enhance information exchange between federal, state and local governments, as well as between public and private sectors; and ensure contingency plans are in place to avoid disruption of critical governmental operations and prevent harm to the health and safety of the public.