WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine), the ranking Republican on the Homeland Security Committee issued the following statement upon learning a US Airways flight from Charles de Gaul Airport, Paris to Charlotte, North Carolina was diverted to Bangor, Maine.   

"I just received a telephone briefing from TSA Administrator John Pistole, who advised me that a female passenger passed a note to a flight attendant stating that she was carrying a surgically implanted device.  Two doctors on board the plane examined the woman, but found no evidence of surgical scars or incisions.  Fortunately, the aircraft landed safely in Bangor and the female passenger has been taken into custody by the FBI.  

"We have seen intelligence identifying surgically implanted bombs as a threat to air travel.  My understanding is TSA issued security directives recently to airports, airline carriers, TSA screeners, and foreign governments advising them to take added screening precautions and to be on the lookout for indicators of surgically implanted explosives."

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