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Subcommittee on Federal Spending Oversight and Emergency Management - Majority Media

Currently showing results in the 115th Congress.

June 2018
Peters, Paul, Jones, Lankford Introduce Bill Streamlining Federal Property Review Process
May 2018
Dr. Rand Paul Holds Hearing Exposing Wasteful Spending in Afghanistan
April 2018
Dr. Rand Paul Introduces ‘Penny Plan Balanced Budget’
March 2018
FSO Chairman Paul's Team, Tasty Waste, Wins 2018 Tournament of Government Waste
December 2017
Dancing with the Cars
October 2017
Flushing Away Tax Dollars
September 2017
Too Far to Waste
Dr. Rand Paul Holds Hearing on Wasteful, End-of-the-Year Spending
August 2017
The Rent is Too (Darn) High
July 2017
Lincoln Rug
May 2017
Parking Waste
College Football
April 2017
St. Croix Golf
Taxpayers Pay Twice
British Bloggers
March 2017
You Say Tomato, I Say Waste
Interesting Times
Paul, Flake Open Voting in #SourSixteen Tournament of Waste
January 2017
Dr. Rand Paul Presents: ‘Worldwide Waste,’ Part 2