Committee Reports and Investigations

Currently showing results in the 115th Congress.

May 2018
Combating the Opioid Epidemic: Intercepting Illicit Opioids at Ports of Entry
April 2018
Fast Cars, Easy Money - How the Pentagon Mismanaged the Afghanistan Legacy Program
March 2018
Manufactured Crisis: How Devastating Drug Price Increases Are Harming America’s Seniors
Border Security - Analysis of Vulnerabilities Identified by Frontline Agents
February 2018
Fueling an Epidemic: Exposing the Financial Ties Between Opioid Manufacturers and Third Party Advocacy Groups
January 2018
Democratic Memo on Medicaid Expansion and Opioids
December 2017
Overruled: White House Overrules DHS Budget Request on Border Security Personnel
Overruled: White House Overrules DHS Budget Request on Border Security Priorities
Overruled: White House Overrules DHS Budget Request for Counterterrorism Programs
November 2017
HSGAC Minority Staff Report - Eminent Domain: Administration Lacks Plans or Cost Estimates for Land Seizures Necessary to Construct Border Wall
October 2017
HSGAC Democratic Staff Memo on White House Counsel Briefing on PRA
REPORT - Conflicting Reports: Administration Lacks Formal Plan to Address President Trump's Financial Conflicts of Interest
July 2017
Report: Fighting Terror - Administration's Budget Slashes Counterterrorism Programs as Attacks Continue to Increase Abroad
April 2017
Report: Southern Border Wall - Soaring Cost Estimates and Lack of Planning Raise Fundamental Questions About Administration's Key Domestic Priority