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Currently showing results in the 116th Congress.

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January 2020
Johnson, Scott, Rubio Request Information on Pensacola Shooter’s A-2 Visa Approval Process
Johnson Asks for Review of Visa System from DHS Following Iran Conflict
Johnson Follows Up on Unanswered Questions from Reporter’s Lawsuit Regarding Obama Administration’s DOJ
Senators Johnson, Hassan Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Establish Federal Commission on Counterterrorism
December 2019
Sens. Johnson, Peters Introduce Domestic Terrorism Legislation
Johnson Secures Four-Year Funding for D.C. School Choice (SOAR Act)
Senators seek interviews with former Obama Administration officials regarding Burisma Holdings and Hunter Biden
Sen. Johnson Statement on Bipartisan HSGAC EMP, GMD Legislation in NDAA
Sens. Johnson, Hassan Introduce CISA ISP Subpoena Legislation
Senators Seek Interviews on Reported Coordination between Ukrainian Officials, DNC Consultant to Aid Clinton in 2016 Elections
Johnson, Grassley Seek Information Regarding Blue Star Strategies’ Work for Burisma Holdings
November 2019
Johnson, Grassley Request Records from 2016 White House Meetings Between Obama Administration and Ukrainian Government, DNC Officials
Johnson to Share Ukraine Insights with House
Year of Unprecedented Migration at Southern Border Examined at HSGAC Hearing
Johnson raises concerns about anticipated e-cig restrictions in letter to Trump
Johnson, Grassley Call for State Department to Release Documents on Hunter Biden and Burisma
Johnson, Peters Urge President Trump to Nominate Homeland Security Secretary, Fill Department Vacancies
HSGAC Advances Judicial Nominees, 15 Bills During Markup
Sens. Johnson, Rick Scott, Rubio Introduce School Safety Legislation in Memory of Parkland Students
October 2019
Johnson Requests Clinton-Obama Emails from U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
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