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Last Action Bill Title
February 2019
S.Res.49 An original resolution authorizing expenditures by the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.
S.358 A bill to amend title 13, United States Code, to require the Secretary of Commerce to provide advance notice to Congress before changing any questions on the decennial census, and for other purposes.
S.355 A bill to establish a grant program to provide assistance to prevent and repair damage to structures due to pyrrhotite.
S.338 A bill to amend the Presidential Transition Act of 1963 to require the development of ethics plans for certain transition teams, and for other purposes.
January 2019
S.314 A bill to improve the processing and oversight by the Federal Government of security clearances and background investigations and for other purposes.
H.R.449 Pathways to Improving Homeland Security at the Local Level Act
H.R.424 Department of Homeland Security Clearance Management and Administration Act
S.264 A bill to prohibit the construction of certain elements of a physical barrier along the southern border of the United States in Federal wildlife and wilderness areas and on State land.
H.R.428 Homeland Security Assessment of Terrorists' Use of Virtual Currencies Act
S.263 A bill to ensure the receipt of required compensation before physical possession by the Federal Government of any land subject to the use of eminent domain for the construction of United States border infrastructure and to provide for a consultation process prior to acquiring land for border infrastructure.
H.R.769 Counterterrorism Advisory Board Act of 2019
S.262 A bill to provide for a pay increase in 2019 for certain civilian employees of the Federal Government, and for other purposes.
S.265 A bill to develop a national strategy to prevent targeted violence through behavioral threat assessment and management, and for other purposes.
S.232 A bill to amend the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 to require individuals nominated or appointed to Senate-confirmed positions or to positions of a confidential or policymaking character to disclose certain types of contributions made or solicited by, or at the request of, the individuals.
S.213 A bill to amend the SOAR Act.
S.201 A bill to amend title 13, United States Code, to make clear that each decennial census, as required for the apportionment of Representatives in Congress among the several States, shall tabulate the total number of persons in each State, and to provide that no information regarding United States citizenship or immigration status may be elicited in any such census.
S.186 A bill to ensure timely completion of the concurrent resolution on the budget and regular appropriations bills, and for other purposes.
S.162 A bill to provide back pay to low-wage contractor employees, and for other purposes.
S.156 A bill to prevent conflicts of interest that stem from executive branch employees receiving bonuses or other compensation arrangements from non-Government sources, from the revolving door that raises concerns about the independence of executive branch employees, and from the revolving door that casts aspersions over the awarding of Government contracts and other financial benefits.
H.R.247 Federal CIO Authorization Act of 2019
S.92 A bill to amend chapter 8 of title 5, United States Code, to provide that major rules of the executive branch shall have no force or effect unless a joint resolution of approval is enacted into law.
S.74 A bill to prohibit paying Members of Congress during periods during which a Government shutdown is in effect, and for other purposes.
S.44 Balanced Budget Accountability Act
S.39 No Budget, No Pay Act
S.29 A bill to establish the Office of Critical Technologies and Security, and for other purposes.
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