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Examining OMB's Memorandum on the Federal Workforce,Part II: Expert Views on OMB’s Ongoing Government-wide Reorganization

Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs and Federal Management

Location: 342 Dirksen Senate Office Building

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On June 15, 2017 the Subcommittee held a hearing examining agency perspectives and approaches in complying with OMB’s April 12, 2017 memorandum titled “Comprehensive Plan for Reforming the Federal Government and Reducing the Federal Civilian Workforce” (reorganization memo). OMB’s reorganization memo required agencies submit plans to “maximize employee performance,” “high-level drafts” of Agency Reform Plans to reorganize programs and organizational charts to eliminate duplication and inefficiencies, and progress reports on “near-term workforce reduction actions” to OMB by June 30, 2017. Throughout July 2017 OMB met with Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Act agencies and “a limited number of other agencies” to provide feedback regarding submitted draft Agency Reform Plans. Next, the reorganization memo directed agencies to incorporate OMB’s July 2017 feedback into their updated draft Agency Reform Plans due to OMB by the end of September 2017.

In this second hearing on the OMB reorganization effort, expert think tank and former executive branch official witnesses will testify regarding the successes and failures of past reorganization efforts. Witnesses will recommend the most effective means by which OMB can successfully pursue this reorganization by including Congress and the greater public in its development and eventual implementation of the reorganization.