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Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations - Media Releases

Currently showing results in the 113th Congress.

November 2013
Statement of Senators Levin and McCain on Stock Option Tax Deductions
Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Advances Bipartisan Bill to Consolidate Federal IT Infrastructure, Save Taxpayer Dollars
Levin Statement on CFTC Revised Position Limits Rule
October 2013
Levin-McCain Statement on CFTC Order and $100 Million Penalty
Levin-McCain Statement on Ireland’s Decision to Reform its Tax Rules
HSGAC Senators Release Social Security Disability Fraud Report
September 2013
Senators Introduce Bill to Close Offshore Tax Loopholes
August 2013
Levin, Grassley, Feinstein, Harkin Introduce Bill to Combat U.S. Corporations with Hidden Owners
July 2013
Levin Statement on Bank Involvement with Physical Commodities
Levin Statement on OECD’s Offshore Tax Action Plan
Levin, Coburn Release GAO Report Finding Profitable U.S. Corporations Pay an Average Effective Tax Rate of 12.6 Percent
June 2013
Statement Of Senator Carl Levin On Appeals Court Decision Upholding CFTC Registration Rule
Levin Statement on G8 Declaration on Offshore Tax Abuse and Corporate Transparency
Statement of Senator Carl Levin (D-Mich) H.) on Upcoming G8 Summit
May 2013
Levin, McCain Statement on Letter from Irish Ambassador to the United States
Subcommittee to Examine Offshore Profit Shifting and Tax Avoidance by Apple Inc.
Senators McCain and Levin: New Information Regarding ICE Detainee Release
Levin-McCain Statement on IRS and 501(c)(4)s
April 2013
Senators File Amicus Brief Supporting Mandatory Trading Limits to Combat Excessive Speculation and High Gasoline Prices
Senator Levin Statement on G20 Meeting and Tax Havens