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Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations - Media Releases

Currently showing results in the 114th Congress.

July 2015
In Senate ‘Truman Committee’ Hearing, McCaskill Examines Impact of U.S. Corporate Tax Code on Foreign Acquisitions
Portman Calls for Overhaul of U.S. Tax Code to Support American Jobs
PSI Hearing to Examine Impact of the U.S. Corporate Tax Code on Foreign Acquisitions of U.S. Businesses
May 2015
Portman Announces Senate Probe Regarding Obamacare Exchange Mismanagement
April 2015
Portman and McCaskill Send PSI Inquiry Regarding Oversight of Financial Crisis Settlements
McCaskill, Portman Raise Oversight Concerns Over $90 Million in Equipment Contracts at U.S. Ports of Entry
March 2015
Portman and McCaskill Launch PSI Inquiry into Billions in Uncollected Federal Judgments
February 2015
Portman Names Brian Callanan Staff Director of Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (PSI)
January 2015
McCaskill Named Democratic Leader of Former ‘Truman Committee,’ Taking Party’s Top Spot on Congress’s Leading Oversight Panel