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Efficiency and Effectiveness of Federal Programs and the Federal Workforce - Media Releases

Currently showing results in the 113th Congress.

February 2014
Your Tax Dollars...Down the Drain: Taxpayers Spend Billions on Unused Federal Property
Tester, McCaskill, Begich Introduce Bill to Keep Security Clearance Contractors From Approving Their Own Work
Tester Applauds VA ID Card Improvements
Tester Sends Postmaster General a Special Valentine’s Day Message
Portman-Tester Provisions to Reform Security Clearance Process Signed into Law by President
Tester’s Security Clearance Reform Bill is Law
Tester Says Postal Bill ‘Moves the Postal Service Closer to Privatization’
Tester, Enzi Introduce Bill to Empower Government Watchdogs
Tester Combines Rural Sensitivities With Support for Federal Employees
January 2014
Pressure from Tester Halts Government Pay Abuse, Saves Taxpayer Dollars
Tester Pushes VA Over ID Card Security Risks
Civil Liberties Board Sides With Tester on NSA Surveillance
Congress Approves Tester’s SCORE Act
Tester Tops Senate Transparency Rankings
Portman Offers Amendment to Prevent Duplicative Spending By Ending Double-Dipping between Unemployment & Disability Benefits
December 2013
Your Tax Dollars...Down The Drain: DOE Puts Dancers & Filmmakers In Charge of Installing Energy Retrofits, Chaos Ensues
Tester, McCaskill take aim at government redundancy with joint hearing series
November 2013
Tester, Portman Investigate National Security Workforce
Tester, Portman Investigate National Security Workforce
Tester, Portman seek to empower government watchdogs, save taxpayer dollars