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May 2014
Letter to DHS Sec Johnson Applauding Mgt Reform Efforts
January 2014
Letter from Dr. Coburn to Rafael Borras re Home-to-Work Transportation Program.
November 2013
Jeh Johnson Support Letters
August 2013
Letter to Secretary Napolitano on Virtual Currencies
June 2013
Chairman Carper Letter to Secretary Napolitano on West, Texas
May 2013
Response to Senators McCain and Ayotte on Boston Bombing Oversight
FY2014 Census Bureau Appropriations Request
FY2014 Governmental Affairs Appropriations Request
FY2014 Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Request
April 2013
Letter to Postal Regulatory Commission Chairwoman Ruth Y. Goldway
February 2013
Letter to President Obama Regarding Inspector General Vacancies