Government Management

The Committee is responsible for studying the efficiency, economy, and effectiveness of all programs, agencies, and departments of the federal government. As part of that effort, the Committee works with the Administration to promote wiser and more effective management strategies. Specifically, the Committee is tasked with overseeing how the federal government manages the resources taxpayers entrust to it and finding ways to make federal agencies both more efficient and more effective.

Federal Employees 

The Governmental Affairs jurisdiction of the Committee covers all matters related to the Federal Civil Service system and its more than 1.8 million employees. It is the responsibility of the Committee to ensure that our government is providing high quality goods and services to all Americans. To that end, the Committee works closely with the Administration to ensure that federal employees have the tools and resources they need to do their jobs safely and effectively. The Committee actively reviews and develops policies and regulations in the form of legislation or policy recommendations that encourage best practices with regard to hiring and management throughout the federal government.

Information Technology (IT) and E-Government

In an effort to help modernize the federal government for the 21st century, the Committee helps develop and review policies that encourage government agencies to harness the power of technology in order to provide better services for taxpayers and for less money.  Transferring more information and services online so they are more accessible to the average American is just one example of how information technology is improving the effectiveness of federal agencies and programs. The Committee continues to oversee  initiatives aimed at streamlining government and making it more transparent by providing all citizens with access to government information and services online in a effective and cost-efficient manner. Furthermore, the Committee has also worked to streamline and improve the management of federal IT purchases in order to save taxpayer dollars and improve the government’s effectiveness.


Federal Financial Management

Making sure American tax dollars are spent wisely is of chief importance to the Committee.  One responsibility of the Committee is to oversee the effectiveness and efficiency of the federal government’s financial management and to eliminate the vulnerabilities that lead to waste and fraud in order to improve operations across the government.  Chairman Carper and Ranking Member Coburn remain committed to reducing waste, fraud and abuse throughout federal agencies and programs.